Teen Mom OG Update ep1

Maci and Ryan have trouble communicating regarding Bentley- partially because Ryan’s an immature dbag and partially because he always mutters under his breath so who knows wtf he’s saying. Maci tries to talk to his mother about it who helpfully suggests that’s she’s the problem.

Amber and Gary adjust to co parenting now that Amber is out of prison. Refreshingly Amber seems to have done a lot of work on herself and made a lot of personal progress. Gary..not so much. He spends most of the show being fat and trying to make Amber believe they’ll get back together even though he has a new girlfriend currently.

Caitlin and Tyler ‘find out’ they are having another baby. Caitlin wants to get shotgun married at the court but Tyler says no. He also decided that she’ll be a stay at home mom and can go to college after he finishes his degree because apparently we still live in 1950. They appear on VH1 celebrity rehab reunion special where Caitlin faces off with none other than Farrah. Farrah lets both of them know how disappointed she is in them for having another baby before they get married or finish school. They are quick to point out that those who do buttsex pornos shouldn’t throw stones.


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